Secret Picture

Use your math skills to send a secret picture to a friend!


Combine creativity and math to create your own project with tessellation.

Number Jump

Jump from number to number in this counting game.


Experiment with shapes and make kites out of newspapers, twigs, and string.

Match My Height

Learn a measuring game you can play with objects at home.

Fractions Race

See how fast you can build a fraction in this fun math game from WNET.

Bowl for the Goal

Learn a fun bowling game to practice counting by 5s, 10s, and 100s.

Making Coffee by Multiplying

Making Coffee by Multiplying

With the help of Jennifer Elliott from the Intrepid, learn all about multiplication through the doubling and tripling of instant coffee. The crew loved coffee!

Number Jump

Number Jump

Practice counting and hop from number to number in Number Jump! Norah Jones shows how you can play by building a number path and rolling a die to see how many spaces to hop. Challenge a friend, and find out who can make it to the end of the number path and back first!

Water Race

Water Race

Do a water race with Norah! Race yourself or your friend and experiment with different ways to move to find the fastest way to finish the race. Then, use subtraction to compare times to find out which was the fastest, and by how much!